Welcome to the IPO Logo Contest!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a design contest to create the official logo for the International Philosophy Olympiad. We are seeking a distinctive logo that captures the essence of philosophy and reflects the spirit of intellectual exploration and dialogue that defines our event.

We invite all IPO 2024 students to participate in this exciting opportunity, to use their creativity and vision, and to shape the visual identity of the International Philosophy Olympiad. Your contributions will play a role in inspiring and engaging participants from diverse backgrounds and from all over the world in the exploration of
philosophical ideas and perspectives.

PLEASE NOTE! The competition is for IPO 2024 students only. Other members of the IPO delegations, as well as anyone else not participating in the Olympics, are not to take part in the competition.

How To Enter

Before entering the contest, please check first with your delegation that you have successfully applied and
been accepted to take part in the 2024 Olympics.

To enter the contest, submit your logo design along with the following information: your name, contact information, which delegation you are a part of, and a description of your design concept. All submissions need to be sent to [email protected] by May 10th, 2024.

PLEASE NOTE! Only one entry per student is allowed. Also, if you have any questions regarding the competition, please contact [email protected]

Contest Guidelines

  • Only registered students for the IPO2024 are eligible to register for the competition.

  • Only one entry per student is allowed.

  • The logo should be original and convey the values and themes of philosophy, such as wisdom, curiosity, reasoning, inquiry, and reflection.

  • Participants are encouraged to experiment with symbolism, typography, color, and composition to create a visually compelling and memorable logo.

  • Submissions must be accompanied by a brief explanation of the design concept and its relevance to the International Philosophy Olympiad.

  • Design submissions should be scalable and suitable for use across various platforms and materials, including digital media, print materials, and merchandise. This also means that every design has to be submitted in the format of scalable vector graphics (.svg, .eps, vector .pdf.; Note: no rasterized Photoshop .pdfs).

Some basic aspects or tips to consider in the IPO logo design:

  1. Symbolism: You can incorporate symbols or imagery that are universally associated with philosophy, such as a question mark or dialogue, an open book, a thinker’s silhouette, or abstract representations of thought and wisdom.

  2. Typography: Choose fonts that convey the right tone for the Olympiad. Serif fonts often evoke a sense of tradition and intellectualism, while clean and modern sans-serif fonts can represent clarity and contemporary relevance.

  3. Colour Scheme: Consider which colours would be best aligned with the Olympiad's identity. Select colours that you think reflect the values and themes of philosophy. These could range from classic black and white to earthy tones or bright and garish.

  4. Balance: Ensure that the logo is visually balanced and aesthetically pleasing. Consider symmetry, proportions, and overall composition to create a harmonious design.

  5. Originality: Strive for originality while also drawing on established symbols and imagery associated with philosophy. The logo should stand out and be distinct from other logos or symbols used in similar contexts.

  6. Versatility: Design a logo that works well across various mediums and scales, from digital platforms to print materials. It should be easily recognizable and maintain its integrity, whether displayed on a website, banners, or as letterhead.

  7. Cultural Sensitivity: Be mindful of cultural connotations and potential sensitivities associated with certain symbols or imagery, especially because the IPO is international in scope. Aim for inclusivity and universality in your design choices.

  8. Relevance: Ensure that the logo effectively communicates the purpose and mission of the Philosophy Olympiad. It should evoke curiosity, intellectual engagement, and a passion for philosophical inquiry.

  9. Feedback: Seek feedback from others, such as students and educators, to refine and improve the logo design. Consider conducting surveys or focus groups to gather diverse perspectives on the proposed designs.

  10. Scalability: Test the logo at different sizes to ensure readability and visual impact. It should remain recognizable and retain its clarity, whether displayed as a small icon or a large banner.


The winning design will become the official logo of the International Philosophy Olympiad from 2025 onwards and will be featured in official letters and digital platforms associated with the event.

In addition to recognition and exposure, the winner will receive a certificate and a philosophical book prize.

We invite all students with a creative streak to participate in this exciting opportunity to shape the visual identity of the International Philosophy Olympiad.

We look forward to your designs!