Welcome to the 32nd Philosophy Olympiad in Helsinki, Finland!

The 2024 International Philosophy Olympiad takes place in Helsinki, Finland, from May 16th to 19th.


A detailed schedule of the event can be found here.                                                             

Event info

General information about IPO and practical information for participants can be found here.


Registration for participation in IPO 2024 can be found here.                   

Welcome to Helsinki!

The City of Helsinki was established by order of the Swedish king Gustav Vasa in 1550. It is the most populous city in Finland (approx. 670 000 inhabitants) and the country’s capital. Helsinki is also Finland’s most important centre for politics, education, finance, culture and research. As Finland in general, Helsinki is also a very safe place to visit.

Visiting Helsinki

For information regarding sights, activities, restaurants, etc., visit https://www.myhelsinki.fi/

Getting around

Downtown Helsinki is a relatively small area, easily accessible on foot. For information regarding public transportation and getting around, visit https://www.myhelsinki.fi/en/info/getting-around-helsinki 


In recent years, the average temperature in Helsinki in May has been 11 degrees. Night temperatures have typically fallen to around 7 degrees Celsius, while daytime temperatures have reached around 15 degrees Celsius. For the latest weather forecast before travelling to Helsinki, visit https://en.ilmatieteenlaitos.fi/local-weather/helsinki

Practical Info

For information regarding local customs, money, in case of emergency, etc., visit https://www.myhelsinki.fi/en/info/practical-information 

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